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Patient Satisfaction Survey

Our patients, our priority

Welcome to Trinity Medical Imaging Ultrasound Services.

Thank you for choosing us for your scan. I hope our team made y our experience comfortable and that you were treated with kindness and respect.

At Trinity Medical Imaging, one of our goals is to continuously improve the service that we deliver. We hope to do this by responding to feedback we receive from our patients about their visits.

The information you provide will be used to help improve our customer care, and if you think we’ve done a particularly good job, we’ll let our team know on your behalf.

Please return your completed questionnaire to the reception, or visit us at to submit an online survey.

Thank you for your feedback, and I wish you a safe and speedy recovery.

Best wishes,

Dr A Parthipun
Medical Director, Trinity Medical Imaging

    How Likely Are You To Recommend Trinity Medical Imaging To Your Friends And Family If They Needed A Similar Scan Or Treatment?

    Overall, How Would You Rate The Quality Of The Care From Trinity Medical Imaging?

    How Was Your Scan Or Treatment At Trinity Medical Imaging Funded?

    What Type Of Examination Did You Have Today?

    Prior To Arriving Today, Have You Received Sufficient Information About What To Expect During Your Scan Or Treatment?

    How Satisfied Are You With The Length Of Time You Have Waited For This Appointment?

    How Easy Was It To Find The Trinity Medical Imaging Today?

    How Satisfied Were You With The Waiting Area?

    How Satisfied Were You With The Amount Of Time You Had To Wait Before You Were Taken For Your Scan Or Treatment?

    Did The Member Of Staff Carrying Out Your Procedure Today Introduce Themselves?

    How Well Did The Staff At Trinity Medical Imaging Explain The Procedure To You?

    I Was Treated Compassionately And With Care At All Times

    Was The Process Of Having The Scan Or Treatment Today What You Expected?

    What Went Well With Your Visit Today?

    Overall How Would You Rate Your Visit Today?

    Do You Have Any Other Comments?

    Trinity Medical Imaging takes your feedback very seriously. In order to address any weaknesses fully we would be very grateful if you would be willing to provide the following information so we may contact you to discuss your feedback. This is entirely optional.